Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra
“I n : : t e n s i o n : .”
Author: Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra
Title: I n : : t e n s i o n : .
Label: Rossbin
Format: CD
Catalog #: RS022
Time: 58'50"



Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra

I n : : t e n s i o n : .

1. Part I : : Noticias : . 6'53"
2. Part II : : Resonancias : . 4'19"
3. Part III : : Descuido : . 9'26"
4. Part IV : : Caídas : . 6'55"
5. Part V : : Puntos : . 10'19"
6. Part VI : : Dos : . 8'51"
7. Part VII : : Ecos : . 12'02"


About I n : : t e n s i o n : .

Since a very young age, I have always been attracted to journeys and traveling to places not known to me. Last year, I watched a film from Mongolia about a dog. Once the dog dies, its soul is free to travel and wonder through landscapes and memories as a disembodied spirit. Each part of I n : : t e n s i o n : . is part of a longer journey, where you can hear, sense and discover different memories that a wandering soul revisits. Percussive, intimate, visceral, ritualistic and electrically charged, I n : : t e n s i o n : . explores tension points and internal pulses, glimpses and gestures in a non-narrative world.


Composer Laura Andel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After living and working in her native Buenos Aires and for several years in Boston, Ms. Andel moved to New York City in 2000, where she currently resides. She has conducted her music in New York, Boston, Berlin, Caracas, Buenos Aires and other cities. One of Andel's strengths is her ability to assemble large ensembles to play her compositions. She enjoys exploring diverse combinations of instruments and formats for her orchestras, as well as working with musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds. Currently, she leads the Laura Andel Orchestra in several formations. Among the most recent are the 14-piece SomnambulisT Orchestra and the 10-piece Electric Percussive Orchestra. SomnambulisT, her previous extended work, was released by Red Toucan Records (RT9322) in 2003.


Thanks to:
Roulette, Jerome Foundation, Sacatar Foundation, Yaddo Artist Colony, Valparaiso Foundation, Jim Staley, Elliott Sharp, and all the musicians of the Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra. Additional thanks to Sofía, Saúl, Hernán, and Carlos.


I n : : t e n s i o n : . was commissioned in 2004 by Roulette with funds from the Jerome Foundation.


All music composed and conducted by Laura Andel (BMI ©2004)
Recorded live by Mario Diaz de León at The Roulette Concert Series at Location One in New York City on December 4, 2004.
Mixed and mastered by Elliott Sharp at studio zOaR in New York City.


Performed by the Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra:

Kyoko Kitamura voice & electronics
Taylor Ho Bynum cornet
Carl Maguire prepared fender rhodes & accordion
Ursel Schlicht piano & prepared piano
Kenta Nagai electric fretless guitar & electronics
Joel Harrison electric guitar & electronics
Khabu Young electric baritone guitar & electronics
David Simons theremin & percussion
Andrew Drury percussion
Harvey Wirht drums
Laura Andel composer & conductor


Contact: laura@lauraandel.com | www.lauraandel.com